About us
Tecmove Co.,Ltd. is a software development and IT solutions company based in Thailand. We help our customers rethink about their existing IT and marketing infrastructures, in order to, utilize and use them to improve their business capability and to unlock new business potential. Our core competency is not only around technology and IT, but also marketing and data science. As a result, Tecmove team will work alongside our customers to offer IT solutions that are more practical for their business while being more user-friendly for every function in their company.
Our services
Tecmove is not just an ordinary software house, but we combine both technology and professional business expertise into customized solutions crafted just for your business. We are not only developing our products following the brief from our customers, but we will also carefully analyze our customer’s objectives to give feedback and make suggestions about what are more effective and efficient ways to develop the final products/solutions. Certified with world class standard ISO29110, we can assure you that our digital product was developed following international standard procedures. In addition, privacy and confidentiality are both our serious concerns.
Business Data Analytic
(Sales, Marketing, Operation and etc.)
“Data is the new asset” is not just a new buzz, but there are more and more business cases to indicate that data can actually help improve business operations. Good quality data can help identify areas for improvement in your business, and also help boost your business growth to more than your previous estimation. At Tecmove, we will deliver insightful analytics from your actual business data to provide your management team with data visualization and dashboard that can be understood easily when making any business decision.
Digital & Data Transformation
Consulting and Training
Digital literacy and data-driven culture are not reserved only for big companies anymore, but every function in every business of all sizes and types should start to think about these transformational changes seriously. Digital and data can help you to make more informed business decisions than ever. However, the digital transformation journey may vary from business to business. Our experienced team can help you and your colleagues go through a transformational process step by step, while acknowledging and respecting your company’s working culture.
Customer Data Platform
& Smart CRM
Some businesses may think that their current customer data is perfect and complete, as they try to get as much data from their customers. However, too much unnecessary and unorganized data may lead to nowhere, leaving your management team with confusion about your business’s current situation. Without structured and reliable data to transform into good insights, customer insight is very much like a mystery box for many businesses. Tecmove can help you customize your Customer Data Platform (CDP) to fit your business needs while benchmarking with your industry peers and complying with Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). You can offer personalized marketing and promotion for each customer to create more loyalty. Not only increasing your business’s revenue, but CDP or Smart CRM will also help reduce the cost of customer acquisition at the same time.
Machine Learning and
Artificial Intelligence
(e-KYC, Face Recognition)
Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have helped to unlock new business opportunities, for example, using people counting technology to predict the customers’ traffic in your store or using buying patterns to predict the stock of your products. Also, new technology and upgrades in personal devices such as smartphone or smartwatch can also facilitate your business for e-KYC (know your customer protocol) purpose, especially for business in finance industry and those that need high security and strict legal requirements.
Customer Data Platform
Technology Development
(LINE Official Account API Platform and Big Data Marketing)
Unleash your business performance with our specialty in data integration. Combining our data with platform like LINE, Facebook, and many others to create your Smart platform and all details will be just in your hands.
Web and Mobile
Application Development
Our developer team will work with you from planning, designing, developing, quality assurance, integrating and launching your application. Tecmove focus on user-friendliness of our products catering specifically to the target users of your application. We combined both technological perspective with artistic value because we believe that application plays a big role along your customer’s journey, a well-designed application will help your customers achieve great customer’s experience.